Wedding Casablanca Style

There’s nothing scarier than being asked to photograph a friend’s wedding, especially so if that friend is also an avid photographer, as is his wife to be.
He first inquired with me what my price would be to photograph a wedding, that of a friend of his. As I do not have a fixed price, because so much depends on the day and the couple I inquired a bit more about what the thoughts of the bride and groom were on what they might want and finally gave a rough estimate, though I hate estimates. Then sheepishly the friend admitted it was for him. I found it such a lovely touch of him to handle things that way, but first and foremost I was elated for him that he was getting married. You should now they’re a perfect match and complement each other in so many ways. Photographically speaking too. On their last photo trip to Mongolia, Mario, the friend, came back with stunning landscape shots, to which were added Veronica’s, the wife-to-be, in-your-face-wide-angle-portraits. Anyone who says wide-angle is not for portraits would consider themselves proven wrong if they took a look at those photo’s.

Nevertheless, what we had settled on was thwarted big time by fate. Not only did the paperwork not pass in time (you try jumping through all the diplomatic hoops as a foreign couple living in the Netherlands), but Mario also suffered the loss of his mother right before the wedding. In the end the wedding date was pushed back and the families who were going to be present for the civil ceremony had already headed for home again.
Mario told me there would be no need for my services after all. It would just be them and the witnesses. Tough luck. The rest would be saved for the big event to take place later in his home country.

I asked him: Are you sure? Though it might not be the event you had envisioned, this is what counts legally. Don’t you want some documentation of the event?

And so Tristan, my trusty, always up for photography fun and second shooter friend and colleague and I made our way over to city hall. We have our routine down. For the key moments he shoots long and I shoot wide so we end up with a mix of images. Nevertheless I was stressed big time. “Don’t f%^& this up van Overbeek” I kept thinking, and I might have said it out loud too.

I think we didn’t and I hope Mario and Veronica feel the same way. We sure felt privileged though, to have witnessed their union, which despite everything that had preceded was just plain FUN. I don’t think I have ever seen a civil ceremony with so much laughing, joking, jesting and humor. Not to mention such a kiss!

Trusty GoPro’s filmed the entire event from two sides, so the families would not miss the event entirely.

The attention to detail was amazing. Top to bottom! Oh, and I would kill for those nails. Just saying.

There were smiles and laughs and tears, the way there should be. Or maybe we should call them giggles as the officiant insisted on asking the “Belooft u plechtig…” question in its most elaborate form in three languages when all anyone wanted was for Mario and Veronica to get on with their yesses already. He was teasing for sure. Mario, unfazed as ever gave him a loud and clear, “Ja, Yes and Si!” as did Veronica, and that was that.

Or was it? Rings… all ok. But then came the kiss. A little warning next time Mario!

They couldn’t get enough of it I tell you:

Congratulations on your wedding guys. You make a great couple. And T., thanks for being an awesome second shooter as always.

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