Ojos asi | kinderfotograaf Delft/ Den Haag

I seem to have this Shakira song stuck in my head after having spent the evening with these two guys. Mr.’s A en D (although come to think of it, you could spell A’s name with an E too, so mabe he’s E? Confusing….).

Anyway, this pic here below is far from technically perfect, but with kids, that’s often not “feasible”. They are all over the place (I know, I have two bouncing balls myself) and won’t necessarily position themselves in the shade…. but man, have you seen those eyes?

Here’s another one. More in the shade now ;-).¬† Anyone else digging this blue color of his fleece?

This was a more common look:

Thank goodness his brother was slightly less¬† of a “bouncing ball”:

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